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The BGC Metchosin Club offers dynamic outdoor education and leadership programs for children and youth in the Westshore community. Our 98 acre property hosts a rock wall, canoeing ponds, lush forests, a low ropes challenge course and an expanse of natural beauty to discover. Our programs offer a blend of activities geared toward encouraging self empowerment and discovery, leadership and outdoor skill development, and community and environmental engagement. Our highly trained staff are passionate outdoor educators who work hard to create a safe space for participants to push their boundaries, learn new skills and engage more deeply with their local environment. Our programs offer an after-school transportation and snack program.

BGC Metchosin After-School Programs

Children & Youth Programs

Licensed Nature Based After-School Care – BGC Metchosin Club

The Licensed Nature Based After-school Care program services Wishart and Sangster Elementary for children in grades K-5. Children are transported to our 98-acre property in Metchosin that includes: ponds, forests, fields, natural playground elements, and a licensed indoor space. We are outside every day exploring the diverse property doing activities aimed at promoting healthy physical, social, and intellectual development for our participants. Our qualified and enthusiastic staff foster a safe and welcoming environment for our group members and help facilitate experiences that are both new and exciting!

Program Details:
Compassionate and reliable staff make this nature based out-of-school care facility a caring and safe place for children. By fostering positive and healthy relationships, implementing intentional outdoor programming, and providing nutritious snacks; we are contributing to the healthy development of children at our Club. Children registered in this program have the opportunity to participate in a variety of structured and unstructured nature based activities while immersing themselves in the beautiful Metchosin property. It is never a dull day when the children in our programs are playing in the forests, exploring the ponds, and being outside!

September 10th, 2020 – June 25th, 2021
Additional registration required for Pro-D Days and Holiday Camps.

Final Bell-6:00pm

Additional registration required for Pro-D Days and Holiday Camps.


$320/month + $25 one time annual membership fee ($300 for program cost & $20 transportation fee)

For registration contact

Outdoor Adventure Program

Our Outdoor Adventure program is offered to youth in Grades 6 to 8 at our BGC Metchosin Club. Youth will learn valuable outdoor skills that will deepen their connection with nature, increase their comfort in “wild” settings and test their physical and mental abilities. Some of the equipment we use may be new to participants, so we strive to create an open and accepting environment that fosters learning, not competition. We as a group will form a community that will grow our skills together. Therefore many of the activities revolve around the principles of self-care, leadership and teamwork.

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BGC Orchard House Program

Program details

Is a Provincial Full Time Attendance Program (FTAP) that focuses on Substance Use Management. It is a program for male youth 13 to 18 years of age that have a condition to attend an FTAP as an alternative to custody.  The program is 6 months in length. This program features both a 24-hour staff residence and Care Family model. Youth will begin their journey of recovery by stabilizing at the staff residence (for up to 30 days) and then moving into a care family for the duration of the program.  Youth can expect the following: withdrawal and stabilization from substances, substance use education and counselling, forensics counselling, life skills, education and recreation and leisure opportunities. BGC Orchard House adheres to the principles of Trauma-Informed Practice by creating safety, empowering participant choice and control by applying strength-based approaches.

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Metchosin Club

3900 Metchosin Rd.
Victoria, V9C 4A8

Attn: BGC Metchosin Club

Administration Office:

250-384-9133 Ext. 0

301-1195 Esquimalt Road

301-1195 Esquimalt Road,
Victoria, BC V9A 3N6
Attn: BGC Metchosin Club

Attn: BGC Metchosin Club

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