Youth and Family Services

All of our programs address housing instability, life skills, mental health and social / community connections. Individually, supportive recovery addresses specific needs with regard to youth using substances. Turning Point addresses specific needs with regard to safety (youth at risk of sexual exploitation, trans, homelessness). Youth Prenatal Parenting Program (YP3) addresses specific needs to prenatal care, young parenting, and often MCFD involvement & advocacy.
All of our programs are voluntary, open to young people of all genders and will reside in a care home situated in South Vancouver Island.

Turning Point

Turning Point is a short-term residential program for youth experiencing personal safety issues. The duration of the program is typically 4-6 months. Youth work one-on-one with a Youth & Family Counsellor to set goals, connect them to resources, and develop a transition plan, of returning to the family home or accessing a Youth Agreement. Youth are required to have a day plan for Turning Point, such as going to school and/or working.

The Youth Prenatal & Parenting Program (YP3)

The Youth Prenatal & Parenting Program (YP3) helps young women (aged 13-24 years) who are pregnant or in the early months of parenting. The program helps them to improve their chances to have healthy pregnancies, develop safe, positive parenting skills and increase coping and decision-making skills. The program specifically supports vulnerable youth who are at risk of becoming homeless and who may have substance use issues. By placing them in a stable Care Family suite for up to 1 year, they are supported as they learn independent living, parenting and life skills.

Best Babies

Best Babies is funded through the Island Health Authority (IHA) and offers support to pregnant women and their newborns up to 6-8 weeks of age. Women attend weekly group sessions that cover topics including prenatal education, health, nutrition and infant care. Women have an opportunity to socialize over a nutritious lunch. Childminding is offered during the educational session for families who have older children over 6 months. Parents also receive food vouchers, bus tickets, vitamins, information and other support when needed. Weekly discussions led by Public Health Nurse, Dietician, Dental Hygienist or BGC Youth & Family Counsellor.


Kyle Gale Turning Point

Ext. 225

YP3 & Best Babies

Ext. 201

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