Helping Parents and Teens Grow Together.

Think a parenting group might be right for you? BGC South Vancouver Island provides nationally developed parenting programs for teens and pre-teens based on a model of education and group support.

What are meetings like?

  • education on relevant parenting issues and common concerns raised in your group
  • support and connection with other parents

Relationships matter. In providing guidance to kids current research tells us that good relationships are key to healthy development and healthy families. When parents and kids are connected, kids are more willing to accept suggestions, ask for help and discuss options.

BGC Parenting Programs are based on the belief that all families have the ability to make positive changes in their family relationships.

Parents of preteens/teens are taking on a new role. Moving from manager to consultant, they are still very much involved and connected to their youth, but not calling all the shots. It is important for parents to encourage independence and decision-making so that their youth are equipped with the life skills that set them up for success.

Providing discipline is complex. Many parents are looking for support that addresses their current parenting issues in a positive and respectful way and encourages them to focus on what is best for their family. BGC Parenting Programs can help.

Programs are offered throughout South Vancouver Island. They are held where parents need them, in schools, in child youth and family centres, in neighbourhoods to provide easy access by parents.

Parents Together

Sometimes parenting challenges can feel overwhelming. This program for parents of teens provides ongoing support. A manual and materials are provided to participants. Parents may stay in the group as long as they feel they need support and help in their daily parenting. Guest speakers may be invited for specific topics.

Topics include:

  • Attachment and relationship-based practices
  • Communication and 6 critical messages
  • Developmental changes in pre-adolescence
  • Adolescent brain development
  • Boundaries, and turning over responsibility as appropriate
  • Self-care – taking back your life
  • Adolescent mental health
  • Substance use and teens
Parents Together Details

Time & Location:

Virtual – Online

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Program Fee:

Participant Manual:


Sponsor a Parent Program:

$60 (suggested donation)

Issues / Needs in the Community that Programs Address

Many parents who reach out for support feel guilty, blamed by others, isolated, and unsure about what to do. BGC Parenting Programs can help parents address these feelings in a confidential, non-judgemental group setting.

BGC Parenting Programs are professionally facilitated education and support programs for parents of preteens and teens. Parents come to the group with a wide range of concerns regarding their youth:

  • teen mental health
  • lack of motivation (school attendance)
  • drug/alcohol use
  • abusive or aggressive actions
  • defiant/rebellious attitude


Do you need a speaker at your next event? Our facilitators offer workshops for schools, PAC’s, community service organizations and many other types of group meetings on the following topics:

  • Communication
  • Self-care and Boundaries
  • Temperament
  • Adolescent Development and the Relationship Bond
  • Navigating the Teen Years
  • Technology
  • Drug & alcohol use

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