Our Services Board

Services Board of Directors

BGC South Vancouver Island (BGCSVI) is a non-profit organization and a lead provider of before and after school programs, youth justice programs, and other youth and family services across South Vancouver Island.  BGCSVI is committed to fostering innovative ideas within the organization by developing Boards of community-minded individuals to provide current and well-informed governance to the agency.  BGCSVI is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who oversee the programs and services of the agency.  This Board is called Boys & Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria Board. 


Jason Laidman

Jess Gunnarson
1st Vice President

David Hilborn

Melinda Falkenberg-Poetz


Rebecca Lang

Tim Relf

Paula Donnachie

Director Emeritus

Debi Dempsey

Lifetime Members

Todd Walsh

Hilary Wheeler

Gerry Bunting

Wayne Jensen

Maggie Laur

Neil Laur